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  1. JerryGarcia

    Best player who never won anything?

    As the title says, who is the best player that never won a single cup or league title?
  2. JerryGarcia

    Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur FC - 100 Years Special

    I searched but I couldn't see this posted, I'd never seen it before though and I figure some of you might have missed it too. It's a great roundup of our history and the best part is that it ends before everything went tits up. :joyful:
  3. JerryGarcia

    Giovani Dos Santos on Spurs the headline Any regrets about letting him go? How does he compare to our current wingers? I'm not sure we'd be worse off if we'd persisted with him but then he might have been more interested in clubbing...
  4. JerryGarcia

    Lillywhite Spurs Shirt Stain Removal Thread

    Seriously and to try to lighten the mood a bit, does anyone have any tips or funny stories about staining their Spurs shirts? I love that we play in white as it just seems to look classy for some reason but if a gooner spills ketchup down his shirt it doesn't make a difference. When I was about...
  5. JerryGarcia

    2013/14 Player of the Season

    After the last few seasons the voting has been pretty much one way but it will be interesting to see who everyone is thinking of voting for. For me I'm thinking it's between Lloris, Ade and hmmm, you see it's not too easy, I'm bamboozled. Nominations?
  6. JerryGarcia

    Man Sticks Gareth Bale Shirt Up His Bum Shocker

    What is he trying to do here? Smuggle the shirt out of the Lane like a drug mule? :oops: If anyone knows this Man, tell him you no longer want to be friends:confused:
  7. JerryGarcia

    Damien Comolli on 'moneyball' in football

    Just found this on newsnow and thought it was worth a thread. Comolli talks a bit about his time at Spurs and how we used statistical analysis when we were building the squad. I don't know what Franco Baldini does in terms of stats, I've not heard anything specific mentioned, though we don't...
  8. JerryGarcia

    Spurs Community Poker Night

    While this isn't really Spurs chat, could we keep this open for a little while please mods? There are a few of us in the betting and gambling forum that are sorting out a poker night (maybe turning into a regular game) for this Thursday or Sunday night. A percentage of the prize money will be...
  9. JerryGarcia

    How good is Benoit Assou-Ekotto?

    As the title says, how good is Benoit Assou-Ekotto? I just saw a few posts about him in the ITK thread but didn't want to spam it up so maybe we can have a debate in here? I've seen a lot of people over the years comment that they rate Benny but think he's prone to make mistakes and I'm not...
  10. JerryGarcia

    Alan Pardew

    I have to admit that I didn't rate him at all when he was at West Ham but what has happened this season at Newcastle is quite amazing. When he took over the job, Newcastle fans were not too happy, they thought he was simply going to be Mike Ashley's puppet and the whole thing was soured even...
  11. JerryGarcia

    Spurs Monthly Shocker

    I was in the Chelmsford Sainsbury's earlier and as I was passing the magazine section I thought I'd see if they had a copy of Spurs Monthly. Now the last time I was there they only had in amongst their six racks of womens magazines and TV guides (why are there so many?), a few copies of Man Utd...
  12. JerryGarcia

    Man City announce £195m loss Eek Well this isn't really a surprise but if they can get around the financial fair play rules with a loss like that then what's the point in having the rules in first place? Surely if the top clubs are...
  13. JerryGarcia

    Wenger Cleans Out Emirates Trophy Cabinet! :grin:
  14. JerryGarcia

    Rules won't stop tap ups This just popped up on news now, I know it's from a terrible paper but I can't believe the nerve of the author Brian Woolnough in admitting that he acted as a middle man in an illegal appoach for a player. I wonder how...
  15. JerryGarcia

    Council of Wisdom,19528,11095_6968733,00.html It all sounds very Star Wars to me. Any suggestions for other potential recruits to the council of wisdom? Maybe if they got Superman they could all meet at his fortress of solitude?
  16. JerryGarcia

    Wenger Defends Tottenham

    Just read this on Sky Sports and I'd have to agree with him :whistle:,19528,11661_6340808,00.html
  17. JerryGarcia

    A Chance of Glory

    Since May I've heard a lot of other fans from clubs like Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd and even West Ham saying something very similar. They'll slag us off before saying something along the lines of "Spurs are going to get slaughtered in the group stage when they face Inter Milan or Barcelona"...
  18. JerryGarcia

    Could Pav be the answer?

    Could Pav be the answer to our need for a lone striker? I'm trying to think of games where he's played up front on his own and been the main man and I'm finding it hard to think of any. I admit, as much as I like the guy, he never really convinced me that he was a top striker but if he stays...
  19. JerryGarcia

    Try Spurs (Funny Youtube Video)

    Sorry if this has been posted already but I didn't see it anywhere. It's a bit of a piss take but still quite funny :grin:
  20. JerryGarcia

    What we all knew a long time ago!,19528,11661_6075367,00.html Wolves captain Karl Henry has accused Arsenal players of 'going down like a sack of spuds' following his red card at the Emirates on Saturday. In an outspoken outburst Henry has labelled his dismissal for a heavy challenge on Tomas...