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    Paulo Dybala

    I hope Poch phones him and says we are coming back in January for him and that he belongs here.
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    But he was pretty culpable for Aguero's goal and was not goal side.
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    Team v Newcastle (H)

    Lloris KWP Toby Sanchez Verts Dier Ndombele Lo Celso Eriksen Kane Son
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    What the pundits are saying about us

    VAR has massively influenced football in a positive way as cheating has reduced significantly since it came in. I’ve not seen an incorrectly awarded penalty since the World Cup - used to happen every week.
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    Style of play

    That's what I am getting at. We haven't seen Kane and Son together in a diamond (at least not when both are fully fit). We haven't seen Lo Celso and Ndombele together at the sides of the diamond. We haven't seen a fit again Dier in the DCM role. We haven't seen Dele tucked in behind Kane and Son...
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    Style of play

    But how can you say the diamond does not work when half the players have not yet featured in it? I agree Sissoko and Winks in a diamond midfield is poor.
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    Style of play

    I think Poch has seen us lose big games and realised there were limitations to his 4-2-3-1. He has clearly decided he wants to play a 4-4-1-1 diamond, based on the last few months. I personally think Winks is not good enough in terms of defensive positioning to be at the base of the diamond, and...
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    Team v City

    Whether it’s Rodri or Fernandinho playing DCM for them we need to be all over the ref calling blue murder on their first tactical foul that disrupts us. And keep it up every foul until they’re booked. Once their DCM is on a yellow they are vulnerable to the counter.
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    Injury Updates

    We have such depth now that there is no need to risk players or rush them back. Sessegnon will benefit from a 4 week Poch pre-season and then come into contention second half of September after the International break. One of the main reasons we beat Villa was our superior fitness and last 10...
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    Team v City

    Without the ball: Lloris KWP Toby Vertonghen Rose Sissoko Eriksen Dier Ndomble Lamela Kane With the ball: Lloris Toby Dier Vertonghen KWP Sissoko Ndomble Rose Eriksen Kane Lamela
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    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    40k extra pints per home game @ ~£5 per pint = £200k per game. Assuming 22 home games = £4.4M
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    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    I imagine we're selling an extra 40-50k pints because of this which is an extra ~£4M a season.
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    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    It will be interesting to see the full set of financial results for this first full year in the new stadium. In particular the match day revenue numbers and how they compare with others. I guess we'll see them (with Swiss ramble style analysis) in 2021 so a long wait.
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    Player Watch Player watch: Jan Vertonghen

    Poch disagrees with you and I think Poch knows more about football than you do. More seriously, Poch said Dier covered CB and CM and Aurier covered LB and RB. And that is why Verts wasn’t on the bench. It doesn’t explain Skipp and Wanyama also being on the bench. Plus I think Verts is better...
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    If I know where you work I can find out where you live by following you. I imagine it was that simple.