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  • Girl, gotta figure out which is which, wherefore art thou Romeo, you son of a bitch...
    With a song in my heart & an attitude from the start, I took everybody apart to see how they worked...
    With all this political strife going on, I'm thinking if cheffing goes tits up, I could do worse than retrain as an effigy salesman...
    All nighter for an essay deadline...fuck's sake I'm 31, I should have grown out of this shit by now...
    3 would love to chat to you more about God, if you're interested..
    Feel free to message me about any of the above. Jay
    Hey mate, three reasons i'm making contact..
    1 you look exactly like a mate of mine called John... This is not you john is it? If so, when did you start all the cooking business?!
    2 the cooking business, my very good friend chris is a photographer who is doing all the food shots for a load of top chefs at the moment, so if you need a quote let me know.
    Hey Jay,

    no, I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone else. My name's Dave, pleased to meet you...:)
    Hey Dave, I'm Jay, well done on the cheffing part mate. We love watching Great British Menu and I used to own a catering business, so can appreciate the skills involved.
    Guessing from the lack of a message that you're not up for chatting about Christianity, but do let me know if you need a professional photographer at any point, here is his website link to the chef bit:
    Pasta training @ Jamie Oliver's, getting my own recipes published, cooking for international guests...shit getting real at Selby College!
    Whichever one of you lovely mods fixed my access last, have yourself another piece of toast...thanks!
    probably more philosophical than psychological, but they're both pretty big words beginnig with "p"
    yeah after I wrote it I did think that maybe you were just mocking KY by having him sending the request to Oxford City, funny all the same, well done.
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