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    CL Final where will you be watching it

    Out and about at a 30th birthday party, can just dip in an out in correlation to stress levels
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    At THAT moment where were you and what did you do????

    In my front room spreadeagled out on the floor. Gave out the most almighty roar followed by a surreal sense of emotion that wouldn’t let me cry even though I clearly wanted to. Once up I noticed a nasty case of carpet burn on my right knee. Was well worth it though!
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    Which one of you has a girlfriend problem?

    Cheek of the lady wasting valuable time writing such a long piece and sending it to the rags. She should have been packing his suitcase for Madrid, washing and drying his Spurs garments etc etc
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    Your line up for final...

    I wouldn’t start Kane or Winks but how good could they be coming off the bench when/if required? Lloris Trippier Toby Jan Rose Sissoko Wanyama Moura Alli Eriksen Son
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    Champions League Final - The Big Cup Build-Up Thread

    Chillingly calm and still living in a state of of a surreal environment. No doubt nearer and on the day I’ll feel a whole lot different but currently I’m more proud than anything and any pressure that might rear its head is way down the list of emotional priorities. In the scheme of things...
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    If This Season Was A Film

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    Ticket Queue Tips

    Really starting to annoy me. I log onto various servers well in good time. I get into the ticket page around 9:30 and keep navigating around the page to keep me in. Then around 9:50 it chucks me back to the donut at the start again. Happened for the Ajax tickets as well.
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    Team v Bournemouth

    If KWP doesn’t start this game I give up
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Ajax - Match Thread - Semi-final 1st leg

    I’m in a state of controlled nerves at the moment. Just focusing on breathing etc. I think I’ll be fine for a few hours yet.....
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Brighton

    Eriksen by miles
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    Match Threads Man City vs Spurs - Champions League - qtr. 2nd leg

    I need to stop. My mind is telling me no but my body....... (y)
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    Match Threads Man City vs Spurs - Champions League - qtr. 2nd leg

    Work should be interesting tomorrow. :woot::woot::woot::woot: Speaking in the 3rd person..... My man is faaaaarked 🙌
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    Match Threads Man City vs Spurs - Champions League - qtr. 2nd leg

    That was horrible and euphoric in equal measure. I fooooking love this club. Get in there!!!!
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    We need better songs

    We should bring back the simple but effective ‘Pochetinno’s blue and white army’ Repeat..... Very easy and one you can dip in and out of. Once in full flow can carry on for ages and very loud.
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    If you could replay one match...

    Leicester home season 15/16 which we lost 1-0