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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    He’d let him go in the summer. Think he’s been great for us but I’m not sure we need two ageing cb and I’d much rather keep jan. Them two a couple of years ago were a dream pairing not sure that will be recreated now.
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    Quick RB Poll

    Personally all four full back could be upgraded for me, at the end of the season. trips has done made he best of the ability he has but don’t think it’s enough for us. Aurier probably could go to another level but unsure he will have the discipline to do so. The left side again Davies has...
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    Cm is a must. Getting the right one could make a big difference to us with the balance of the team.
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    My worst feeling at Spurs despite best start - Pochettino

    Poch mood seems to be the same as the fans really. Think we’re all just waiting for it to click and it hasn’t quite happened yet. Not often we’ve needed to fear any team(under Poch) but I am quite fearful of tonight’s game hopefully we’ll click and show what we are capable of.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    It comes down two things that the defence needs to trust the keeper and the keeper needs to trust the defence. It doesn’t look like either is happening to me.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    Yes mate. That one that didn’t have loads to do in the World Cup final and still gave away a goal. He’s capable of great moments but is to often capable of fuck ups. Like I say I doubt we could afford better but let’s not kid ourselves that we have one of the best anymore.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Hugo Lloris

    Hugo just isn’t a world class keeper anymore and hasn’t for two seasons. We probably can’t afford anyone better. So we just need to back him. Personally We need a cm, can and a goal keeper but that will cost £200m and we just aren’t going to spend that.
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    Match Threads Watford vs Spurs - Match Thread

    As much as sissoko gets stick this is the sort of game he would of done a job for us.
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    Match Threads Watford vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Only positive winks looked good when he came on
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    The 2018/19 UEFA Champions League: Road to Madrid.

    When are the fixtur Brilliant. Love to know who did the seating arrangements. That guys a genius.
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Good luck to him. Feel he’s done a job for us when needed. Wonder who will get the abuse once he leave probably dier or omouah.
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Echo what everyone else is saying we need him in a 3 at the back. Esp if aurier plays cause he goes missing.
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    New numbers for Winks and Walker-Peters

    Eriksen doesn’t want to lose his song and deles pr is all around number 20