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    The atmosphere at WHL

    I have been up to the Newcastle and Palace games this year and both times the atmosphere was dreadful. Although the performances weren't amazing it would of been nice to sing some songs to try get the team going rather than moaning. All clubs have players songs and all we have is Jermain Defoe...
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    Love the arrogance and cockiness he shows. Only winners have these sort of attributes. Not the personality that people like but look at Ronaldo, Mourinho ect not well liked but winners!
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    The case for Tim Sherwood

    Tim Sherwood the English Mourinho.
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    Who wants AVB out / want him to be given more time...

    We will never get to the top if we keep sacking mangers. We need to stick with a manager for about 5 years to give us a chance of winning the league. Stability is key and is always highlighted in the top clubs because it's true. If we all choose to force him out we'll be back to year 1 and...
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    Team v Man City

    Lloris Walker Verts Kaboul Rose Capoue Sandro Lamela Dembele Eriksen Soldado
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    Mousa Dembele 2013

    He defiantly needs to be further forward in a free role position. He's the sort of player we need around the box to keep the ball in the tight areas because that's what we lacking at the moment. I really hope he gets his form back because he is a very good footballer.
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    Roberto Soldado Starved

    Soldado and Defoe are both goal poachers and you can't play poachers upfront on their own. We have to play 2 up top, realistically Kane or Adebayor with a bit of presence. We also need to play wingers that run down the line and cross the ball, everytime we cut inside Soldado is crowded out and...
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    Juan Mata

    do we actually need him? I know he would walk straight into our side but who will be leaving?
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    Aaron Lennon

    Will be really gutted to see Lennon go. For the past seasons whenever he has been injured we have looked unbalanced. I think now we finally have a decent striker In the box he may make use of his deliveries.I think lennon has showed in the past he can cross the ball but for the past few years...
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    Gareth Bale (Rumour to Deal Done)

    I think every single spurs fan should order the new kit with Bale on the back. Otherwise there will be a lot of unhappy fans if they decide to sell.
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    AS Monaco Vs Tottenham: Pre Season Match Thread

    good pressure
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    AS Monaco Vs Tottenham: Pre Season Match Thread

    Leicester gave a better go at this than we are
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Weekend Edition 3/4 August 2013

    I still don't think Bale will be sold. The last we've heard is that he won't be sold and I think Levy will stand by this. AVB has pretty much said in every interview that he's not for sale. Will look very bad on us if we give in this season.
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    I can see him leaving in January. I can't understand why a class goalkeeper is sat on the bench. It's been years since we had a solid keeper in the squad yet he's sat on the bench.
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    Benny possibly out for a month?

    I was really impressed with him and I felt more safe with him than Ekotto for some reason.