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    Ceballos 'chooses Spurs' for summer transfer in blow to AC Milan

    Would love to see this guy giving mark noble the runaround COME ON LEVY GET THIS DEAL OVER THE LINE
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    Spurs sign Tanguy Ndombele for £65m from Lyon

    Get in there, well done levy & co COYS
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    Clarke move agreed

    Welcome Jack, to the mighty Spurs, see you next season
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    Spurs agree £65m deal for Lyon's Ndombele

    GET IN THERE !!! COYS !!
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Liverpool - Match Thread - Champions League Final

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    Premier League rule changes next season

    Where’s the rule about the compulsory slapping of Eden hazards face for being so effin arrogant every match
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    Lineker: Poch told me Tottenham need to invest

    No shit Gary, really?!!, i’m gobsmacked by this news
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    Tottenham land stunning £87.5m Champions League windfall

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    Spurs v Everton - team news

    Agreed, no one likes us, so feck’em all I say CCCCCC OOOOO YYYYYY SSSSSS
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    Pochettino Urges Tottenham To Make History In Champions League Semis vs Ajax

    Leave it all out on the pitch lads & have no regrets CCCCOOOOYYYYSSSSS !!!!!!
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    Sheer joy one day, followed by absolute despair for the next few. That’s supporting our beloved Spurs in a nutshell, why do we do it? Because we effin love our club. If we can somehow manage a top four finish and a performance to be proud of in Holland midweek (no matter what the outcome), it’ll...
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    Any chance of a lasagne for the everton players next weekend
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    P A W S O N just seen receiving a brown envelope whilst leaving the ground W@nker