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    Watch: Danny Blanchflower's 1997 Parkinson interview

    Great interview, great man and player.
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    Keown: Move to new home can drive Spurs to the Premier League title

    Moving back home will be a great relief to both the team but above all our supporters and put the cream on the cake. But I have to say that this team and Poch have overcome a mountain of problems this season and proved all the press speculation and odds wrong. Can we do a Leicester or better I...
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    Llorente agrees personal terms with Galatasaray

    Crap story and pure speculation. He will stay until the summer as backup to Kane which he realised would happen when he signed. He is a great backup and regardless of age is worth more than £1 million.
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    Jesus Perez on life behind the scenes at Spurs

    It was a great read and nice that the back room staff that Poch built and trusts get recognition.
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    Son thanks 'special' Spurs

    Congratulation Sonny.
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    Magnificent Spurs fans defied Sky and the Premier League to make Old Trafford home

    Pissed that the fans have to go through this just because of the incompetence of Sky, Rail and the Premier’s nuts but happy that those that made it witnessed a great win...COYS
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    Spurs locked in stalemate with Eriksen over new contract

    Erickson is our best player by far and makes the team tick. Always gives 100%. . Also not going anywhere.....not sure why he has been criticised on this site.....fickle fans?
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    PSG deny interest in Eriksen

    All that press speculation and they were wrong.....well surprise surprise,
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    Spurs locked in stalemate with Eriksen over new contract

    How can a newspaper report sheer speculation and we are so gullible to believe this story or fairytale. Are the Daily Mail with Levy and Erickson during discussions and, nothing to do with them and another bullshit made up piece of speculation to sell newspaper space.
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    Fans' anger over stadium mess is aimed at the club

    Shit article as they have nothing else to report and are late in reporting this compared to other press articles. Shit happens on all major projects and I have been on few. It’s a blip and will get sorted. I am looking forward to the new stadium but expect another shit article from the press...
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    Lloris charged with drink driving

    Come on fans he got caught,he is human like us. Disappointed yes but some of the comments on here are unreal.....does living in glasshouses and throwing stones mean anything to some of you. So bloody holy are we all pure like driven snow I don’t think so. He made a serous mistake, he fucked up...
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    No players asking for transfer this month - Pochettino

    I think he is just irked by the press and TV pundits asking him the same questions time after time after time. He just wants to concerntrate on the squad and team performance and I can’t say I blame him. The present squad is good enough to hold its own this season. The fees involved in the last...
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    Real Madrid set for £60m Hugo Lloris move

    Great player and Captain for the club but becoming a little suspect over the past season. 60 million for a 31 year old World Cup winner seems reasonable providing we get a solid replacement. I suggest Jack Butland at Stoke, bags of potential, young enough and second currently to Pickford for...
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    Agent delivers transfer update on Nkoudou

    Not telling us anymore than we knew.
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    R.I.P gilzean

    God bless. Great player and a gentleman. The G men him and Greaves. My condolences to his family