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    Diamond formation

    Didn't we play the diamond formation in the away FA cup tie against Chelsea a few years ago with Lennon at the tip? From memory they couldn't cope and we really didn't deserve to only draw that game. Probably the point that Jol gave up ever trying to win a game against the top four.
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    Pascal Chimbonda (from rumour to transfer done)

    Probably the ultimate Jekyll & Hyde footballer. Certainly more capable going forward than any of our current fit RB's. Also a master at picking a fight prior to the taking of a set piece, then going walkabout when it actually gets taken. Generally great recovery from open play; all too often...
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    How much more will Jenas progress?

    No, Jenas will never be a Gascoigne, but he is showing signs of fulfilling his potential as a vey effective all-round midfielder, and is very unlikely to self-destruct in true Gazza style. Apart from the 'Ramos' influence, I think something else that may have helped him mature very quickly and...
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    Players' Belief

    This morning, on my daily trawl through newsnow and our very own transfer rumours forum to see the next 'world' star we have been linked with and which have 'publicly' turned us down (and all the associated moodswings that entails!), I realised something: When you look beyond the transfer...
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    Yes please Many thanks!
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    Another New Stadium Thread....

    Cheers TM - I was getting lonely in this thread yesterday!! :-)
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    Another New Stadium Thread....

    Yes please, thanks in advance:
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    Another New Stadium Thread....

    Hello all - another long-term watcher, first-time poster here. Really looking forward to seeing the plans. Please email to Thanks in advance.