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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    If you look on the online Stadium guide (it may even be on the app) there's a number to text* (see the bottom of the post) for this sort of stuff, text it with your seat and block number and it goes straight to the steward control room thing and should be felt with swiftly, same goes for signs...
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    The Naming Rights Thread

    Sorry to rake this one up again, Levy has said we won't have one until naming rights is agreed. This way the option is there for any interested party & if a deal can't be up-sold to include the sleeve then providing we find the right partner then you can bet waking up with your bum'ole still...
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    The Naming Rights Thread

    Apologies I had to rush my post and I've been offline until today, Monster Energy was the sugary shite, although if they're still under the coca-cola label then them being a PL sponsor may explain it. Although dispenser was a crap choice of wording, I meant distributor or manufacturer)...
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    The Naming Rights Thread

    I noticed the presence of the giant sugary shite dispenser as a new sponsor, I rather hoped to avoid them, ho-hum.
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    Paulo Dybala

    We really have some total dickheads (or 12 year old children) as fans, I've seen Levy Out trending on twitter; the man who has just overseen completion of a massive bastard stadium build right next to a main road on the site of the old ground amongst other things... :banghead:
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    New Kit 19/20

    The presence of baby puff blue is concerning me for the 3rd kit reveal TBH. Also for some reason that jacket reminds of an Everton away kit from way back yonder...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 20th July 2019

    Or perhaps Lamela rather than Eriksen? That's as much pontification as I'm going to get into here, I don't want banning.
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    Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    Best of luck to him, shame it didn't work out. I agree our hit rate for strikers is pretty poor, yet the ones we get right seem to be more than decent. Berba' was an outstanding bit of scouting absolutely blu-printed and made to be a Spurs forward, that lot in the North who kidnapped him never...
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    I think there have probably been plenty of chancers and time wasters enquiring; DL's basically putting them on notice, pay the clause or expect a £40 million+ price tag to be placed on any enquiries for him after the deadline passes. "your move dickheads" Just my opinion though. :censored:
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    Spurs return to training.

    So long as none of them come back with the Chinese dragon trap then we're golden.
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    New Kit 19/20

    That was the interesting (if slightly geeky) thing about a lot of the kits we had with Under Armour you could take any of the 3 shirts from a given season and use pretty much any combo of the shorts and socks and still look like a complete kit that was meant to be, in theory we should never had...
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    New Kit 19/20

    They appear to have a few bits Spurs don't, it's not that weird TBH back with Under Armour they often had a few bits the club appeared not to, sometimes there was the odd different thing available in their US store too. (sometimes the only option when you're after a bigger size due to it being...
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    Gareth Bale

    Given that post he made on his social media a few pages back (the one with the two goals) I personally think all he wants to do is play football, I agree with the others that say whoever gets him next (assuming he gets a choice) is going to get one hungry, angry asset; maybe only 2 or 3 seasons...
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    Gareth Bale

    He's never been truly accepted at Real by their fans or their players IMHO, I remember anytime watching many a game of theirs and his own team-mates were actively trying not to pass the ball to him; he was continuously mocked by his teammates over the heart thing* he wass trying to fit into a...
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    Champions League 2019/2020

    Right on que I'm guessing it's now 5-2...