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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    I dont want to drink whatever hes had :banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    Ah i'd been wondering what it was :)
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    Financial Results y/e June 2017

    This, He deserves every penny for what hes acheived on the budget we have !
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    Farewell to White Hart Lane

    Much to my wife’s distress I bought 2 within seconds of getting the email, now all I need is some brackets to fit them to the man cave wall !!!
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    Spurs youth journeymen - Where are they now?

    Wasn't that when he was let go from Arsenal ? I seem to remember reports he stole a mobile phone from the dressing room ?
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    Europa priority change?

    Should try to win every tournament you enter, especially with younger players as winning breeds a winning mentality. Ask most player at the end of their career and I bet they would rather have winners medals than regular memories of playing in a champions league
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    The Daniel Levy thread

    I've always thought he's done a good job but the last few jokes of a window when we never address the pressing need of the team. Or sign the player that appears to be the managers main choice makes me feel that on a football side he is !
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    The Spurs Twitter Thread

    First post for me but I've been watching the entertainment unfold for days !!! Really hope this isn't true surely no one agrees a fee then lowers it - unless there's a reason we don't know ? Edit -just seen post above seems like not true