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    Could be a good signing - would show that our scouts are earning their corn, potentially. But are we really going to bring in Sessegnon, Bale AND JOta? (We're definitley bringing in the first two, obvs ;))
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    Giovani Lo Celso

    Ndombele, Lo Celso and Bale would be excellent business.
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    Nicolo Zaniolo

    He's awful.
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    Tanguy Ndombele

    With the slim possibility of signing them I've convinced myself we'll sign Ndombele and Rice. If we miss out on Ndombele, it must be Tielemans. Add Sess, Kelly, Anderson, Atal, Aarons, and one of Lo Celso/Grealish/Fekir. ------------------------------Lloris------------------------------...
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    Andre Gomes

    Valencia-Gomes in long gone... he seems to be a different player these days.
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    Max Aarons Despite promotion, Ornstein also believes we're still after him, as per the interview on 5 live:
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    How Spurs Built A Stadium And Made A Profit

    Amortisation takes into account wages so that once a player is sold at say £24m, his 3 years of wages that are left on his contract are also rolled up into the final figure 'off the books' so that you get an amortised figure of say £39m (assuming something like £15m in wages over remaining 3...
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    How Spurs Built A Stadium And Made A Profit

    Projections for the lot were something like £400m a year. £50m/yr repayments on stadium debt £140m/yr wages Potential to go much higher with NFL deal
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    Julian Brandt

    This vid will help you
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    Gareth Bale

    Tricky for Poch - If he says no, he'll forever be the manager that said "no" to re-signing Bale. Good way to gauge opinion.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 14th May 2019

    People have their reasons.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 14th May 2019

    What if the money was not a problem this summer? Would you change your mind? DL's greatest achievement is getting the fanbase to celebrate saving money over bringing in top talent.
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    Famous Spurs Fans!

    Tennis player Nick Kyrgios
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    Jack Grealish

    If Grealish is expected to be Eriksen's replacement, then we need to look at his output - Eriksen has a 29% goal participation rate this season - which is not unusual for him. Jack has a 14% goal participation rate at Villa. That's quite a drop off as playmakers go.
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    Jack Grealish

    The problem is people who have been watching him with any regularity have built him up so much now that if he comes and he flops, or doesn't perform as expected, he'll be crucified. Here's hoping that doesn't happen.