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    Eriksen explains why his contract situation is 'unnatural'

    I hate to admit it but if I were his agent I wouldn't be pushing him to sign anything. As long as he stays fit he has his choice of the best clubs in Europe. In the summer he can get a massive pay rise. I hope it's from us but if it's from Madrid I'd understand because this is his last big...
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    Edwards praised

    Always pleased when one of our youngsters is doing well but this kid really seems to be taking his time. He was the next big thing a couple of years ago, then he couldn't get a game for Norwich. Obviously want him to be worth a place in the first team next year but it never seems to happen.
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    Spurs hold talks over £22million Joachim Andersen

    He's a good player. Somehow doubt we'll get him for under 30m but given he's younger it's not a bad swap for Toby. Trouble is there will be other clubs after him.
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    Alderweireld twice refused new contract, wanted huge wage hike

    I think he's a great defender probably our best since King but we need to face facts. The guy wants to go because if he wanted to stay he'd have agreed to 150k a week. He won't get a lot more than that elsewhere, although he might get a signing fee, so I think it's time we cash in on 25m. Wish...
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    Injury setback for Spurs player Onomah

    I don't know what's going on with this guy. Firstly he's not a kid any more. At the same age Dele Alli had done way more. When I first saw him I thought he could be the real deal, decent on the ball, wonderful athlete made good runs. Then he went from attacking midfielder to defensive midfielder...
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    New Stadium Update – Arsenal fixture at Wembley

    The police were never going to allow us to open NWHL against the scum. Nor Chelski or West Ham. Think it's a mute point the ground isn't ready.
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    Alderweireld contract explained

    I wish he'd sign a new contract and someone would explain that. Sadly I fear he's off, let's remember the great player he's been for us and wish him well. I'll also hope we get 5 Dele Allis with the transfer fee but that's probably pushing it.
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    Tottenham may share their new ground with the Oakland Raiders NFL for 2019 season

    I hope this is true. The stadium is costing a fortune and we need some money from somewhere. Once we get a few games we can start doing what Wembley does and sell out two games a year. It'll raise our profile (we still need a stadium sponsor don't forget) bring in some cash and show we can put...
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    Llorente agrees personal terms with Galatasaray

    I hope he's still here in May. We won't get much for him then or now but he's the second best striker at the club. Should be first name on the bench because if we need a goal he's an option.
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    Why Spurs have issues with foreign players when other clubs don't

    Another factor is the youth system. If Skipp and Whiteman could be on the bench that would free up some space. Early for them but if we can keep developing them, maybe one day. And before everyone replies I know they're not yet ready to start but how far is Whiteman off being third keeper, or...
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    Stadium: First fan familiarisation event date confirmed

    Let's hope so. After years singing about going to Wembley I now want to get out.
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    Pochettino: Foyth was ‘by far the best’ in derby defeat

    I usually agree with Poch but maybe this praise is over the top. He had a decent game, yes there was one big error but without an unlucky deflection we'd have got away with it. Got to remember he's a kid far from home and this was a massive game when he's only played a handful of times. All...
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    Alderwiereld wants £150k per week

    I highly doubt it. Maybe Sakho at Palace but I'd sooner have Toby which is why I'm suggesting Levy pays up
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    How Spurs' 5 young loan stars are doing away from Poch

    Sadly none of them are really progressing quickly.