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  1. DotNetCoder
    DotNetCoder DaiT
    1. DaiT
      Yes just a fat finger scroll on my phone. Sorry.
      Nov 21, 2017 at 5:09 AM
    2. DotNetCoder
      Ah no worries. cheers mate!
      Nov 21, 2017 at 3:53 PM
  2. Vinny_Sammways_left_peg
    Vinny_Sammways_left_peg SpursDave88
    Nothing to disagree with within my post, Dean got it wrong, there is nothing there that suggests otherwise - that decision lead to them scoring the opener, an opener that besides one sloppy mistake from Dier gave them the only chance of the half I can remember up upto that very point.

    Probably best you removed the disagree.
  3. Reece_Spurs
  4. Reece_Spurs
    i love arsenal
  5. littlewilly
  6. allpaths
    allpaths SpursDave88
    For the record I'm not against Barkley's likely move, he's a massive improvement on Sissoko, he just doesnt get me very excited.
  7. allpaths
    allpaths SpursDave88
    Excellent response, I agree with the athleticism and higher ceiling part. I just dont think he's more creative, he did get more assists, but Ross had Lukaku to feed and Lanzini has Antonio and Carroll. I also get the feeling that most of the chances RB creates are more hopeful then on purpose bc he plays with his head down.
  8. allpaths
    allpaths SpursDave88
    Hi mate, dont mind u disagreeing, just like to find out your reasoning. I see Barkley's athletic and technical value just dont think he has the footballing brain to match Lanzini. It's a game of opinions Id like to know yours.
    1. SpursDave88
      I think Barkley is better in every aspect to be honest. More creative going forward, I believe he got far more assists than Lanzini. As well as being more athletic and powerful. I also think that Barkley has a much higher ceiling Lanzini, I believe Barkley is not fulfilling his potential whereas Lanzini is (if that makes sense).
      Nov 8, 2017
  9. grittyspur1
    Spurs survived October 2017!
  10. alex3
    alex3 tony0379
  11. davidmatzdorf
    "I find that using the ratings system saves a lot of online rows."
  12. grittyspur1
    Que viva los Spurs!
  13. Deathrod
    Deathrod Dougal

    I have a favour I'd like to ask of you... regarding a "script" myself and a friend have written... would you be remotely interested in reviewing and providing feedback...?
    1. Dougal
      It wasn’t a pm, it was a profile post. No wonder I couldn’t find it!
      Nov 9, 2017
  14. RickyVilla
    RickyVilla 2DogsBarker
    Did your gun dog shit in your wellies again?
  15. Lifelong
    always have been.....always will be...
  16. garryparkerschest
    Tottenham Fans: Every silver lining has a cloud
  17. Vinny_Sammways_left_peg
    Vinny_Sammways_left_peg patto337
    might want to change that rating mate, nothing I typed deserves the rating ...
  18. SpursDave88
    SpursDave88 Rob
    Hello Rob, I've also been banned from the Transfer thread...not sure why?
  19. kernowspurscoach1977
    kernowspurscoach1977 Rob
    Hi rob I seem to have lost my access to sitk and transfer rumours, what have I done? I am fairly non- descript in my posts and will be gutted if removed
  20. Hengy1
    Lessons have been learned